Pukka Night Time Tea

Straight out of the gate let me admit I am not a big fan of herbal tea so for me to be recommending this is a big deal. I do drink green tea but its always the fruit flavoured ones to mask the taste.
This was suggested to me by a number of people in the Team Immortal Facebook group as I struggle with my sleep, my biggest problem being staying asleep rather than actually drifting off.
On brewing it all I could think of was the fact it smelled a bit like a wheat bag. That’ll be the oat flower and lavender I’d guess. 5 mins of brewing and a few mins of cooling and time for a sip.
Hmmmm I’d like to put it in the ‘it’ll grow on you’ category but I’m told by our friends over at Green Muscle that in fact it doesn’t grow on you so much as you learn to tolerate it. To me it’s not totally unpleasant but I certainly wouldn’t be raving about the taste sensation.
Does it Work
Short answer – for me yes, 100% yes.
The first night I drank it about an hour and half before bed as I was not expecting much. When I stood up I felt all wooly headed and can only describe it as a mild version of what I have experienced in the past after taking prescription sleeping tablets. I slept solidly all night, right through until morning.
I’ve had it a few times now and the results have been repeated, the second time I didn’t even wake up when my daughter climbed in the bed with us (I usually wake up to every murmur she makes).
With sleep being such a vital component of any health regime and natural healthy sleep at that I can say that this tea is amazing, yes the tastes not great but it doesn’t last long and the full night of restful sleep is totally worth it.
As an aside I’m told that Clipper make a similar tea that tastes a lot better so I shall be trying that next.

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