Throwing out the Rulebook

As I move into month 2 of the Wendler 5/3/1 Boring But Big challenge it is with mixed emotions. Any of you who have read of followed my journey will know that I have been following the Carb Backloading (CBL) Protocol for about 12 weeks now and have as much as I can kept to my paleo/primal roots with this.
It’s been going well for me and I have made great strength gains including 40kg added to my Deadlift PR, however, I don’t feel like I am recovering sufficiently and this culminated in me picking up a silly neck injury that quickly spread to my shoulder and upper back. The reason for this lack of recovery is simply a lack of sufficient calories to sustain the training/goals I have whilst keeping within these guidelines. As I have said in the past I do not count calories anymore, however, I know that I rarely get up to 2000 calories let alone the 3500-4000 that I need to achieve the muscle gains I’m looking for.
The Health, Performance, Longevity Trifecta
I genuinely believe that using both the CBL and primal guidelines are optimal for human health, performance and longevity. This for me is the ultimate long-term goal and I will be returning to these principles in 25 weeks time. The problem for me lies in the fact that I’m trying to force my body to do something that is not evolutionarily optimal for survival and that is to pack on slabs of muscle in a relatively short time frame. I have taken a year out from obstacle racing to pursue this goal as I feel it will benefit me in the long run, hence the reason for this shorter timeframe.
Throwing out the Rulebook
For the next 25 weeks I plan to take a lot of what I have learned about weight loss and throw it out, or more importantly turn it on its head. I intend to not worry about any of the minutia of CBL or paleo but I will however be keeping some of the bigger principles like keeping the majority of my calories to the second half of the day, but I won’t be worrying about too many carbs here it there. I will not be counting calories or macro’s but will simply follow my bodies signals of hunger and satiety.
New Guidelines
1. Overly processed food will be kept to a minimum.
2. Breakfast is optional, if hungry eat, if not don’t.
3. Keep the majority of calories to the evening especially those from carbohydrate.
4. No counting calories or macro’s.
5. 4 pints of milk to be drunk on training days.
6. 2-3 whey protein scoops per day. Pre & Post workout shakes with 50g Carbs. 20g of creatine per day. L-leucine mid-morning and afternoon.
For the next 12 weeks I will continue with Wendler 5/3/1, this will allow me to finish the Boring But Big challenge and do a final round with an as yet undetermined assistance routine.
The following 5 weeks will be the Jim Stoppani ‘Superman’ program. Followed by an as yet to be determined program for the following 8 weeks (suggestions are welcomed). This will take me to the end of August. This will mark the end of this experiment and I will return to my current clean eating and my more muscular endurance style of training, but that’s for another time.
For now it’s 25 weeks of lifting big and eating BIGGER.
I intend to keep at least a bi-weekly update of my progress and will be including some before pictures/measurements in my first of these in 2 weeks time.
Wish me luck


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