CBL – Beginners guide

So you want to do Carb Backloading, well first of all let me express that this is going to be a cliff notes version and there is a wealth more information in the CBL book that you will require to get maximum effect from the protocol. As I have said before if you want to know how it’s done then get it straight from the horses mouth (or Kiefer’ in this case) I will not go into detail on supplements etc so go buy the book.
That said here are the basics
Prep Phase
Simple eat less than 30g of carbs per day for 10 days, that’s usable carbs so green veggies don’t really count.
On Waking
Try not to eat anything for at least the first 2 hours, especially if fat loss is your goal. You can however have some coffee and MCT oil (coconut oil) as this will aid fat burning and appetite suppression. If you really want to maximise fat burning then try to extend the fast until 14-16 hours from yourself evening meal and just rely on coffee.
The Rest of the Day
Up until you work out, which should optimally be early evening you should continue with the same Ultra Low Carb (ULC) as the prep phase so less than 30g of carbs all day.
Post Workout
On completion of working out you want to consume approx 50g of high GI carbs within the 30 min post workout window. This can be in the form of a carb shake or simply 2 over ripe bananas.
Time to Backload
If you are working out the next day then now is the time to get home and enjoy your Carb Backload. The first meal should be relatively low fat but high in Carbs and Protein, however after that you get to eat what ever you feel so long as its a high GI carb. If you don’t wish to include ‘junk’ food in your diet then potato, sweet potato, yams and white rice are all your friends.
If you are not training the next day then you merely continue with your ULC and backload on the night before your next training session.
Carb Backloading is optimal when combined with heavy lifting program’s such as the Shockwave protocol, or 5/3/1 as the weights being lifted is what switches on your tGlut pathways which in layman’s terms means the muscles cells will absorb the carbs like some sponges.
As I said training in the early evening is optimal but CBL can be adapted to suit morning training with a few simple tweaks, this is all covered in the book.

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