A Day in the Life.

I seem to be getting asked more and more what I eat in a day. Now first let me be clear, this is what I eat and it works for me, that does not mean it will work for you but is meant more to give you ideas.
On a typical day I wake around 7am, I lift weights 4 days a week at 3-4pm and generally do a Met-con type workout once a week, dependant on how I feel.
As anyone who follows my posts will know I follow Paleo nutritional guidelines and also follow Carb-Backloading protocols with occasionally morning fasts, however, this is dictated by how hungry I am and not a set regime.


Soon after waking I have a cup of coffee with 10g whey protein and a teaspoon of coconut oil. Click Here to see how I make it
If I’m hungry I will eat anywhere between 9-11am which is generally bacon and eggs with a handful of nuts, if I’m not hungry then its just another cup of Coffee, Whey & coconut oil.


This is often the first meal of the day for me, if it is then it could be an omlette, with bacon and what ever veg/salad is in the fridge. Otherwise my main go to lunch is the Bolognese or chilli that is in the fridge/freezer from the weekend, I simply warm this up and pour it over a handfull of spinach leaves. I don’t cook the spinach (I HATE cooked spinach) but just let the heat from the meat wilt it ever so slightly.


I don’t generally eat in the afternoon but if it is, then it’s either a small handful of nuts, some Biltong or more recently the Venison pepperoni from Paleo Nutrition Wales. (this is where I now get 95% of my meat from, try them and you will see why)


For dinner it is generally some Meat and veg, the type of veggies is dependant on if I require carbs or not.

Evening Snacks

This again depends on my requirements but is usually Rice pudding, If I’m Carb Backloading, or greek yogurt with whey protein if not.

For other variations of what I eat then simply check out the recipes section of this site, as all the food on there is a staple in my diet.

Hope that helps, this is obviously a ‘perfect’ day, and I don’t achieve this everyday, but I do get it more days than I don’t. Again this is whats right for me and my goals. If you need help with your own diet then just get in touch.



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