March to Health

As winter turns to spring it’s time for us to come out of hibernation and head outside. Now don’t worry we don’t want you to go marathon running but merely for a 30 minute walk everyday during March. That’s EVERYDAY, come rain or shine. If you think about it this is no more than most dog owners do everyday.
You don’t have to do it alone either, why not take the family out for a stroll in the park, get the kids involved or the other half. This is more about getting out and getting fresh air during a nice walk than burning calories.
If you managed 1 mile per day that would be 31 miles in the month and you’d be well on your way to a healthier you.
Rather than posting results we’d love to see some photos of where you walked or who you went with, just share them on our Facebook page.
If you want to know the benefits to your health then watch this amazing YouTube video and you won’t fail to be motivated to join us.
If you need more motivation then why not get some sponsors and do it for charity, this would be fantastic to know that your doing something for yourself and helping others at the same time.


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