Easy High Protein Dessert

This has got to be the easiest dessert/Snack to make ever.


1. Greek Yogurt (full or low fat)
2. 25g Protein Powder
3. Spoon & Bowl

1. Place yogurt & Powder in a bowl


2. Mix it up and eat

It really is that simple, and with all the awesome flavours of protein powder you can get now they really do taste good.
As ever my protein powder comes from The Protein Works as their range of flavours is perfect for this. I used chocolate mint brownie this time, but with flavours such as ‘cherry bakewell’, ‘apple cinnamon swirl’ and ‘lemon shortcake’ as well as all the usual favourites its easy to find one you’ll enjoy.
By using Whey Protein 90 and Tesco low fat Greek yogurt I get approximately the following nutrition:
Kcal = 200
Protein = 38g
Carbs = 10g
Fat = <1g
Not bad for about £1.
If you do decide to use The Protein Works, please feel free to use our referral code CW231 and you will get 250g of protein powder for free if you spend over £10, a great chance to try a different flavour for free.

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3 comments on “Easy High Protein Dessert
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