Pushing Your Limits

“You will never know your limits, unless you push yourself to them”

As get moving on our path to Health and fitness it becomes ever easier to get stuck in a rut, and find yourself in a comfort zone.
Now don’t get me wrong I’m not talking about not having a consistent approach here I’m talking about doing the EXACT same thing day in day out, week in week out. Your body is an amazingly adaptive machine that will very quickly react and improve to a given stimulus and will become very efficient at performing said actions. This is why plateaus occur.
To prevent these plateaus we must constantly change the stimulus whilst still keeping it similar enough for the body to continue to adapt. This is where smart programming comes in, as we must have consistency in our training so that the body can grow bigger, faster, leaner, stronger dependant on your goals (all 4 if your greedy like me) but with enough variety to stop these plateaus occurring.
For me part of this process is to regularly test my limits and see what my body is or more importantly not capable of, and program for this accordingly. I’m not talking about every session in the gym but once in a while you need to push yourself to failure. That way you know where you failed and what needs to be improved upon.
This is why I rarely train for long slow cardio, not because I feel it’s unneeded but because, for me, I know for a fact that my body will fail long before my CV system will. I know this because I pushed my limits and found them.

What are you doing to push YOUR limits.


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