Baby Steps to Health

Following on from my recent Nutrition plan post, I was listening to the Paleo solution podcast where Robb Wolf talked about the slightly different angle himself and Mark Sisson take with people starting out. I had also been discussing the plan with a number of people who wanted to start it and I recalled something that I had recently learned in terms of the ‘all or nothing’ v ‘baby steps’ approach.
What do I mean by this? Simple really, some folk (myself included) prefer the all or nothing approach, jumping in with both feet so to speak, this is pretty much the approach I described in that post. However, some folk prefer to ease into things, and take those baby steps. This post is aimed at them.

The final destination is the same, you end up eating a real food diet with the majority of you carbs coming in the evening meal. The biggest difference would be the induction phase, so rather than cutting out all the ‘bad’ foods, depleting your glycogen and bludgeoning your dependence on refined wheats and sugars with a sledgehammer, we take a slow and steady approach.
One Step at a Time
How I would like you to approach it is to take one element of your diet that we need to improve on and just simply work on that, I’d prefer this to be bread or sugar, however, that’s the bull in a china shop side of me and he’s been penned up for this post. Take something quite small and easier to remove, maybe that can of soda you have at break time, or the sugar in your coffee, a late night snack (I think you get the point) now just remove or better still replace that one thing. Replacement is preferential as nature (and your brain) abhors a vacuum and will do everything in its power to fill it and usually with junk.
The whole aim here is to just tackle one thing at a time and ease your way in, ok it may take longer to see those results but in my experience once you start to see those results it becomes easier to tackle the big stuff as you will already be feeling the benefits.

So all or nothing or baby steps, the destination is the same it’s just the journey you decide to choose.


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