Meatless Monday – Week 1

I should subtitle this ‘what do you mean I can’t eat bacon’

Whilst happily eating my cabbage and sprouts last Monday I was feeling a bit proud of myself until realising that the reason was most likely that they were cooked with bacon. So as part of our commitment to broadening our palate, and exploring new tastes, plus me get shouted at for not eating enough veggies (most notably the green ones) I consulted with a good friend and vegan fitness guru Neil off of Green Muscle, who suggested we give ‘Meatless Monday’ a go. Now don’t get me wrong we are not changing our core beliefs or opinions in any way but see this as a way to get us thinking about food in a different way and as I stated to try new things.

After harping on about planning all the time, maybe I need to practice what we preach a bit more. We traditionally plan our meals out for the week on a Sunday and this was very nearly our downfall. Usually it’s a relatively quick and simple affair as we are pretty settled into the real food/paleo style of eating and have lots of go to recipes and meals as well as a fully stocked freezer. Unfortunately we very quickly realised that all, and I mean ALL of our food and meal choices revolve around meat, poultry or fish (as any good caveman’ diet should). With some quick thought we settled on salad lunch and homemade veggie soup for dinner. Not the big new tastes we’d planned but at least it was a start and making our own soups is something that has been a long time coming.

Firstly as you can guess we are already starting to plan next weeks meals so as to not get caught out again.
For me personally it has been really eye opening as to how settled I personally have become in my eating habits (not necessarily a bad thing).
I don’t usually have breakfast and if I do it involves bacon so I fasted during the morning, for lunch as planned I had a big bowl of salad with plenty of nice fatty salad dressing.
Then as planned I had a bowl of the tastiest soup I’ve ever had, recipe to follow very soon.
One thing I noticed was that I got very hungry during the afternoon which is a bit unusual for me. My usual go to snacks of pork crackling or jerky were off the menu, and as I limit my daytime carbs so were most other things available to me at the time. Next week I need to take some snacks with me and I intend to add a bit more fat and protein in the form of some cheese and egg as this should help satiate me for longer.

Yeah it’s been good, a steep learning curve but one we intend to maintain for the foreseeable future. Just with a bit more planning.


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