February’s Fitness Challenge – Press-ups

It’s February and its time to work on your Push-ups. By now your probably either thinking “I can’t do a push-up, let alone a challenge”, or ” I can do loads of press-ups, why bother” the point of this challenge is to simply improve the number of press-ups your able to perform, or if you can’t quite do full press-ups then to get you there over the next 28 days. If you can smash out loads of press-ups why not try to get a harder variation dialled.
There are so many variations of push-ups from the easier ‘knees on the floor’ to much harder ‘handstand’ that there will be somewhere on the scale that you will struggle with doing more than 10-15 of. I’ve recorded a video to demonstrate many of the variations and principles here .

First off let me explain that the ONLY difference in terms of major muscles used between knees on the floor and standard press-ups is the amount of weight brought to bear and you will get just the same benefits from doing either. It’s only when we start to elevate legs or torso that we start to shift muscle groups. Therefore there is no shame in doing press-ups on your knees, I myself was doing them 12 months ago.

Day 1 (Feb 01)
Today I want you to see how many press-ups you can do in 1min, if that’s only 1 then do NOT worry, we’ll soon have you doing more. If its more than 20 I suggest picking a harder variation.
Write this number down or post it on our Facebook page.
Day 2-28
Simply follow the calendar and perform as many press-ups as possible for the allocated time and rest when it says to.
Day 29 (March 01)
Repeat your 1 min test from the start, then bask in the glory of your improvement.


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