This is one of my lunch time staples, I eat it straight up if I’m keeping carbs low of simply add coconut rice or sweet potato pasta if I’m not worrying about them.

1. 500g Mince meat (or Quorn mince for Veggie option)
2. Tinned chopped tomatoes
3. Pasata or more chopped tomatoes (I have ones with added Basil)
4. Onions
5. Peppers
6. Garlic (if you like)
7. Italian Seasoning or herbs of choice
8. Tomato purée
9. Stock cubes (I use 2)
10. Salt & Pepper to season

1. Brown of your mince in a frying pan or Wok

2. Chop up your peppers and onions, I chop mine quite chunky as that’s my preference. I also decided to add a third pepper as 2 wasn’t enough.

3. Place all your ingredients in the slow cooker, and season to taste, I add loads of for extra flavour.

4. Fill with boiling water to just above the veg and go have fun.

5. Once it’s all cooked to your liking its done.

6. Portion out for when it’s needed or serve and enjoy.

20130126-221241.jpgthat’s 7 servings of low carb, tasty protein filled loveliness.

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