Positive Changes

Healthy living shouldn’t be about what your giving up or abstaining from but rather about all the good stuff your going to be doing or consuming.
With this in mind we have decided to challenge everyone to make 12 positive changes to their lives in 2013. Think of it like making a New Years resolution every month, a new months resolution if you like. These have to be positive so no giving up or stopping something but what are you going to add to your life to make it healthier or better.
It doesn’t have to be diet or exercise related, just so long as it will improve you quality of life in some way.

Some Suggestions
• Get 8 hrs sleep every night
• Drink 6 pints of water everyday
• Eat a piece of fruit with every meal
• Put 5% of my wages away each month
• Drink green tea
• Eat 10 portions of Veg a day
• Complete the Busy Bee challenge every morning
• Go for a 30 min walk at lunchtime

So what positive changes are you going to make to your life?
In January I shall be drinking at least 6 pints of water per day.


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