Effects of sedentary lifestyle

After sitting still for half an hour the body starts to slow its metabolism down, after an hour this becomes more entrenched. How many hours a day do you sit watching TV? Or sit still during your working day?

There is some research that is becoming to gain momentum that shows that being sedentary has a far greater physiological effect that just mearly the lack of activity.

Do not fear tho we can stop this happening to us and it’s not as bad as you may think, in fact the solution is really quite simple and VERY effective. Whilst your sitting there enjoying your well earned rest and watching the TV then simply set yourself a little mini target to get up and do something every time the commercials come on. Let’s face it they are usually for foods that are bad for you or things we can’t afford or don’t need so you won’t be missing much. Now I’m not talking about getting a full blown sweat on or doing a 100 press-ups. Think about it like this, just 20 jumping jacks or 30secs of any activity even just every half hour would soon add up and not really put you out, alternatively climb up and down the stairs a few times. All it needs to be is enough to get your blood moving a bit faster round the body and stop the body going into this restive state. If your watching a channel without adverts or are at work then just set an alarm or hourly chime at least and get up and do something, I’m not suggesting you start banging push-ups out at work, but go for a quick walk even just to the next floor or something, again anything to get you moving again.

I have clients working this into their lives already, and it is proving to be both very effective and very simple and fun, in fact they try to do something different each time to keep it fun and interesting.

This weeks challenge is to add this into at least part of your time.

Remember have fun.


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